NOVA Southeastern Student Retention Program

1. Collect over $50,000
2. Send 1 email insisting that the student completes dissertation
3. Send the following letter:

This is how to run a degree mill.  Collect money through coursework and hold the student hostage over their dissertation progress.  Balki Bartokomous taught in our very first course that the professors hold the power and to kowtow to them.  This was not hinted at.  We were outright warned.  Is that job security?  I hope their business school teaching this process.  The more inept business people to compete against the better.

I am in the process of CREATING technology, not conducting academic research on technology that HAS BEEN created.  There is plenty of quality research from academia that leads innovation.  It’s just not coming out of NOVA.  If NOVA’s policy on student retention was a little more geared toward retention, they may have a nice list of graduates to point at and say, “that is a product of our educational system.”  Instead, their retention policy is motivated by profit.  Of course they are a “non-profit” institution, so why bother seeking the coveted Benjamin?  Expansion of course.  Bigger is always better (that’s what she said).  So goes the degree printing press that is NOVA Southeastern University.

My 5 year long post-coursework experience consisted of the following.  I had the pleasure of speaking with Mr. Ackerman twice on the phone.  The call was preceded by a few emails from his assistant to set a time and date for the call.  Never was the call on time.  And the total time on the phone never exceeded 1 minute.  He had no time to care.  Turn and burn...turn and burn.

The traditional thinkers out there are shaking their heads and saying something parental such as, “you idiot, you are committing academic suicide”.  I say, “judge not, reader.”  You are consuming content, not creating it.  Your conclusion is not wrong, just ordinary.  Spice that dish with something extra.  Add a dash of creativity and a pinch of sack.  I can list at least ten successful people with NO formal education.  Can you list at least ten people who have attained both success and higher learning?  Jelly makers.

I have unlearned the formal system and taught myself to identify the opportunity within the problem rather than concern myself with the problem specifically.  My opportunity here...audience.  And this is going to hurt you NOVA.  Bite down...try to relax...and in your mind, find that happy place.

My formal response to “the dean” by August 22nd (2011 I assume):


Wow. That was quick. I emailed my withdrawal notice and received a call almost immediately. Unfortunately I was on a conference call and could not take it. Sound like a threat? You be the judge. Scummy lawyers...yum. FYI...I take my Freedom of Speech seriously. Seriously.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Is NOVA Southeastern a good school?
Answer: Is a good “school”?

Is NOVA Southeastern accredited?
Answer: Ever attend a class where “that guy” asks the teacher what is “required” to pass the class?  NOVA Southeastern is that guy.  Bare minimum.

What is the purpose of this FAQ?
Answer: To attract the search engines.  The more people that educate themselves about this mediocre institution the better.  My intent is to have a direct impact on the bottom-line at NOVA.  If only one person avoids this money trap, I win.  I have a feeling that I will really really win.

I found a link to this website in Google’s advertisements.  Are you paying to promote this?
Answer: Absolutely.  I have put a $1000 per month budget aside to ensure that this information is openly available.

Are you available to assist NOVA in overhauling their Loss Mitigation Department?
Answer: Yes.  Daily rate: $25,000 per day plus expenses.  Seriously.  Call me.  Let’s talk.

Do you realize that it’s Dr. Ackerman, not Mr. Ackerman?
Answer: Yes.